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Wills Hall has been shaped by generosity and philanthropy, from the founding donations by the Wills brothers in the 1920s to the ongoing gifts of members in the 21st century.

How can I donate?

Time and/or money, to put it bluntly! The WHA has mechanisms for ensuring that financial donations are properly used (see below). But we also need your time and expertise. If you can offer an evening, a weekend morning, maybe an hour or two online during the week to talk to current residents about your career, your success, your experience, please let us know. Contact details are on the Home Page. Emails "out-of-the-blue" are most welcome! 

How do financial donations help? 

Wills Hall is rather special. It is the WHA's privilege to make it more special, by contributing to the enhancement of the facilities that make life as a Wills student so distinctive. Via your donations, we provide support for individual students who might from time to time need a boost for special projects, career preparation, or other support, and we underpin group sporting, cultural and charitable activities for which no university or other funding is available. 

What have previous donations supported? 

Donations in the past have funded travel grants, educational enhancement grants, hardship support for students, the PA system in the dining hall, audio-visual equipment in the bar, the organ in the Chapel, sports events, concerts, theatrical performances, Hall societies' travel to events within the UK and abroad, refurbishment for equipment (in the lounges, the bar, the billiard room, etc.), pictures and decorations, Christmas and other events, refreshments, and the annual Ball. Barneys and WHATS (Wills Hall Amateur Theatrical Society) have benefited, as have the Choir and faith groups. This is not an exhaustive list!

How can I make a donation? 

  • You can click on the button above, which will take an online payment. ​

  • You can post a cheque to the WHA (see the contact details on the Home Page). ​

You can always email the WHA via to talk in more detail about how you wish your donation to be used. We work with the experienced officers of the University's Alumni Association to ensure that donations are properly managed to the satisfaction of donors. 

Will my name be associated with a donation?

Only if you wish it to be. If you prefer to remain anonymous, then only the Chair and President of the WHA and a colleague in the Finance Office will know your identity. We will always preserve discretion.​ If, however, you would like to associate your donation with your name, or make a donation in memory of a spouse, a partner, a family member or a friend, we are most willing to discuss appropriate ways of commemorating this. Please contact us (see above).

How are my donations managed? 

There are six historic trusts that were established to channel support for residents of the Hall. Donations to the WHA are mostly vired to these centrally administered Trusts, which ensure long-lasting support and expert oversight by the University of Bristol's investment managers. These funds have three Trustees: the Vice-Chancellor (delegated to the University's Finance Office), the President of the WHA, and the Chair of the WHA. Three of these Trusts provide funds annually for Travel and Education Scholarships. Two are focused on the Chapel and the Organ. A sixth (the largest) has a broader remit. ​The 101 Scholarships are managed, via a separate fund, by the same Trustees.


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