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A History of Wills Hall

by M. J. Crossley Evans and Andrew Sulston

The Wills Hall Association has published a new edition of A History of Wills Hall, a hardback book with 112 pages and over 100 photographs. The text is fully updated and revised to 2017. New chapters and photos add more recent history to the established work on the origins of the Hall, the historical site and the buildings.

Martin Crossley Evans's first edition of A History of Wills Hall  was published in 1994. The present volume benefits from Martin's and Andrew Sulston's exhaustive knowledge of the history of the Hall and the University since then, and from their judicious revisions to the earlier text. It includes new chapters on the Hall under Wardens since 1994, and stops just short of the pastoral review of 2018 that abolished this post.  

The History is a lively and hugely informative account of the origins, growth and development of a remarkable community. Its numerous photographs and illustrations will remind some readers of their time in Hall, and inform others about a past age. Here you can check to distinguish history from legend, rumour from authentic detail. A wealth of informed and entertaining anecdotes culled from many past residents of Wills supplements a rigorous historical grounding. Anyone connected with the Hall will find much to fascinate them. 

The volume is for sale at a mere £12.00. Click above or email the WHA to order your copy.

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