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WHA Travel and Study Awards

The Wills Hall Association makes travel and study grants annually for current residents. These are funded by old members’ donations to the Trusts managed by the University for the WHA.

The Trustees are the Vice-Chancellor (who delegates to the Finance Office), the President and the Chair of the WHA. Applications are sought in the spring of each year and all residents are emailed about this opportunity by the Residential Life Team.


Grants of up to £1000 per person (for overseas travel) or £600 (for UK travel) are normally available and projects must have an educational or philanthropic dimension. Applications are also accepted for educational courses, whether or not these involve travel (i.e. online courses are quite acceptable). The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the WHA's ability to support overseas travel. 


It is a condition of acceptance that grant-holders must write a short report on their benefits and achievements for publication in the WHA's Yearbook, ideally with photographs where appropriate. We hope to make some of the reports from recent years available on this site, too. 

Support the Wills Hall Association

Wills Hall is rather special. It is the WHA's privilege to make it more special, by contributing to the enhancement of the facilities that make life as a Wills student so distinctive. Via your donations, we provide support for individual students who might from time to time need a boost for special projects, career preparation, or other support, and we underpin group sporting, cultural and charitable activities for which no university or other funding is available. 


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