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Wills Hall Chapel Choir

The Monica Wills Chapel is fortunate to have an active choir that sings for services during term-time (usually Evensong once a week) and performs for concerts and on special occasions (such as Remembrance Sunday). In recent years the Choir has been invited to perform in other churches at home and abroad. Membership is not by any means limited to residents of Wills Hall — all are welcome, by audition.

The Choir is collegiate in style, not unlike the choirs of Oxford and Cambridge Colleges (and has indeed been invited to Oxbridge colleges to sing Evensong). The Chapel music is currently broadly within the Anglican tradition, but the choir's repertoire is eclectic. The Choir has premiered a number of compositions by contemporary composers. In recent years the Wills Hall Association has contributed financially to 'choir trips', including one to Paris where the Wills ensemble sang in an Anglican church in the French capital. 

The Chapel Choir is led by a Director of  Chapel Music, currently David Dewar, who is a PhD student in the Department of Music in Bristol. He is an experienced conductor, organist, harpsichordist and choir trainer. David oversees the planning of all the music in the Chapel, and trains and rehearses the choir. 

Directors of Chapel Music

Samuel Marde Mehdiabad (2015-16)

Peter Relph (2016-18)

David Dewar (2018- )

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