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2018 End of Year Bulletin

Message from the Wills Hall Association Chairman Charles Gunter

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of writing to new Wills Students. I welcomed them to the Hall and introduced them to the WHA and a relationship that will last a lifetime. Having a close working relationship with the current Hall has always been key to our work; we cannot truly support Wills unless we know what is needed and how best to provide it. At the end of last year, cognisant of the changes to the running of Wills, the WHA Committee decided to make the JCR President and Secretary of the Barneys Club ex- officio members Committee members so that we can work directly with the key student leaders. There are several new staff responsible for Wills Hall including the Head of Residential life (for all of Stoke Bishop) Andrew Abbey and Chief Resident (for Wills Hall) Lewis Munshi. They have been invited to our meetings as observers. I have been delighted to meet with them, both in meetings and on a one to one basis and know that they are all dedicated to doing their best for the Hall and its community. You will have an opportunity to hear from them in this bulletin. With so much change in the day to day life of Wills Hall, I believe that the role of the WHA Committee is more important than ever and I am pleased with the new relationship that we have started to form.

The full 2018 End of Year Bulletin can be downloaded here:
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