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2022 Yearbook

Welcome to another excellent edition of the Wills Hall Association yearbook, lovingly put together by our editor Andrew Sulston and printed by Simon Hodgetts. It has been such a joy to read about what Wills students have been up to in Bristol and further afield as Hall life starts to resemble something we would recognise. Much delayed graduations for the 2020 leavers took place earlier in the month and keen observers would have noticed the occasional Wills Hall tie adorning a graduand. I have been told today that the latest Hall photograph has just been added to the collection on the stairs from the dining room and although the 2020-21 cohort couldn’t have their picture taken at the time, they have persevered and had it taken this year. Completists can be reassured at the lack of a gap in the collection.

Charles Gunter, April 2022

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