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2021 Yearbook

It is a great pleasure to write my first Presidential address to the Wills Hall Association. I am truly honoured to have been elected to this position and I will try to support the Committee as well as my illustrious predecessors did for me. This year has been so completely different from anything that we could have planned for. I was fortunate to be able to meet some of the new JCR Committee members just after they were elected to record the Remembrance Day film but for the first time since 2003, 2021 is the first year that I have not walked through Wills Hall. Our Chair, Robert Vilain does an excellent job of talking through the WHA’s programme and activities this year. It is a testament to his leadership and the commitment of our members that so much can still be done this year. A pet project of our Chair and our new Membership Secretary, Rowan Humphries, is the WHA website, which has just been launched in its sparkling new form. Check it out for yourselves!

Charles Gunter, President

The full 2021 Yearbook can be downloaded here:
2021 newsletter email version
Download PDF • 3.34MB

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