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Death of former warden Phyllida Parsloe

Dear Members,

It is with much regret that I write to inform you of the death on 1 September of Professor Emerita Phyllida Parsloe.

Professor Parsloe was known to us mainly as the seventh Warden of Wills Hall (1991-1997), but she was also Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol, Professor of Social Work, and Quaker Chaplain to the University. After retirement she was hugely active in her local communities, serving as Mayor of Thornbury 2012-2013.

Phyllida was one of the most notably ‘hands-on’ Wardens of Wills Hall, supported by a lively SCR and some very engaged JCR Committees. She thought that the Warden’s House was too large for a single occupant so let out rooms, devoting the proceeds to renovating it sympathetically (the beautiful stained glass included) and even to re-upholstering the chairs in students’ rooms, for which she took a special course so that she could do it herself. Many of you will have sat on the results of her handiwork!

We will all remember the superb portrait of Phyllida that hangs in the dining hall, a magnificent reminder of the powerful presence of our only female Warden.

Read more here.

Robert Vilain

Chair, WHA


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